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Project Description
Bezier Path Lighting provides a new way to light virtual worlds in XNA. This new lighting approach employs Bezier Curves to create lights with "length", unlike traditional point or spot lights. This project is written in C# for XNA, but can be applied to other graphics libraries.

  • Linear Path Lights compatible with full Phong Lighting Model.
  • Simple pixel shader integration, easy to implement in any existing graphics engine which supports HLSL. This release has targeted XNA.
  • Very fast performance, comparable to a single point light.

  • The current release supports linear bezier curves only. Support for quadratic curves will be added shortly.
  • Documentation of the method has not been written, but will be added shortly.
Screen Shots

Screenshot 01 Screenshot 02
Screenshot 03 Screenshot 04
Screenshot 05 Screenshot 06
Screenshot 07 Screenshot 08

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